Paris, IL

Paris, IL

15321 US Highway 150
Paris , IL 61944
Phone: 217-383-0485
Fax: 217-383-0485

Early and late appointments available

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Hand Therapy

We understand the importance of your hands and the relevance of the role that they play in your everyday life.

Industrial Rehabilitation

We have a strong staffing of industrial specialists that offer unparalleled preventative programs and remarkable care for those suffering from work-related injuries.

Manual Therapy

Our therapists are trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques that assist with the healing process, and many of them hold specialty certification in manual therapy. When performed correctly, the addition of manual therapy techniques can have a significant impact on your recovery process.

Physical Therapy + Sports Rehabilitation

We have advanced capabilities in orthopedic manual therapy, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We offer the full spectrum of Vestibular Rehabilitation including Fall Prevention, Specialized Treatment and Baseline Testing Programs.