Sports Rehabilitation

runner sports rehabilitationSports Rehabilitation

In the fast-paced world of competitive sports, who has time for an injury? ApexNetwork Physical Therapy® employs PTs trained in sports rehabilitation who know exactly what to do to give you relief and guide you to a quick recovery from any sports-related injury. Our customized Sports Rehabilitation programs focus on functional activities and sport specific training. Our physical therapists have extensive orthopedic backgrounds and are experienced in working with a wide variety of athletes, including those at the collegiate and professional levels.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy® also has certified athletic trainers on staff to assist with injury prevention, injury management on the field and returning to sports after being released from physical therapy. Whether you need help with recovering from an overhead throwing injury or you want to improve your speed and agility following a knee injury, the sports rehabilitation therapists at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy® have you covered. They can also help with many other aspects including injury prevention education, developing stretching programs, and assisting with sport and team specific conditioning and training.

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