Industrial Rehabilitation

industrial rehabilitationIndustrial Rehabilitation

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy® we have a therapy program that takes a unique approach to workers’ compensation claims. Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention (ACOMP) is an industrial strength program built to meet the needs of the workplace. With ACOMP, we address everything from prevention to injury resolution.

Our facilities have warehouse environments, allowing for unlimited job simulations and work-specific tasks. If a worker’s job requires him or her to handle truck tires, push or pull pallet jacks, or shovel coal, we can simulate the exact task at hand.

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Accidents happen. There’s certainly no denying it. But with ACOMP® in your toolbox, the frequency and severity of workers’ comp claims can be dramatically reduced. We target injuries with a prevention-first attitude. This is an approach that takes both the work environment and performance into consideration.

Injury-proof your workplace – We assess your workplace for risk and perform thorough jobsite analysis. This documents the job’s physical requirements, which is a big factor in determining what is necessary to get the patient back to work and reducing lost work time.

Employment testing – We use objective testing and ADA-compliant protocols to assure that a worker can perform the essential job functions of a given job. If they have pre-existing conditions or are not fit to perform the work, we will let you know. This can effectively reduce both fraudulent claims and the incidence of workplace injuries.

Warm up to reduce injuries – We develop, implement, and manage stretching programs based on the requirements of each specific job. Unlike most, ACOMP® focuses on muscle groups taxed during work. For those transitioning into repetitive or heavy work-related activities, ACOMP® develops custom programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance.

Work Hardening

At times, physical therapy isn’t enough to return a worker to full duty. A work hardening or conditioning program may be just what the doctor ordered. Our work conditioning programs are designed to increase strength and improve physical condition. Our work hardening programs take conditioning a step further by using a specific progression of work-related tasks to improve functional capabilities.

Throughout the sessions lasting up to 4 to 8 hours a day, 3 to 5 days a week, the worker is taken through a series of progressively demanding work-related activities with the goal of returning to full duty.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

These are assessments for workers who have suffered injuries that could affect their employment opportunities. The worker’s ability to perform work and their physical tolerance to a variety of real and/or simulated work activities are measured.

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy®, our FCEs are second to none. They incorporate the strengths of many different peer-reviewed, research-based models and avoid the weaknesses of an increasingly large number of FCEs, namely those that are reliant upon computer-generated data. Our FCEs identify behavioral obstacles delaying the return to work process with detailed musculoskeletal evaluation, including material and non—material handling tests, and standardized assessments to determine impairment.

Simply stated, this is simply fitting the job to the worker to improve performance and safety. We offer on-site ergonomic evaluations, resulting in cost-effective ergonomic recommendations and training so that your site will be as safe and efficient. Our ergonomics identify exposure to musculoskeletal risk factors and provides cost-effective solutions, along with assisting with worksite injury and illness prevention programs.
Injury Causational Analysis
This on-site service provides a research-based, easy-to-digest report that includes comprehensive objective data, digital still photography, video footage, identification of musculoskeletal risk factors, and thorough assessments based on published research as possible to better help medical providers determine injury causation. Additionally, these assessments can help decrease your exposure to workers’ compensation claims and mitigate cost associated with contesting them.
Job-Site Analysis
A job-site analysis is an in-depth analysis to identify the physical demands and environmental conditions of the job. This identifies the essential job functions and physical demands in accordance with the ADA. The data gathered can be used in the development of a patient’s treatment plan, a work hardening/work conditioning program, an FCE, or a pre-employment test.
On-Site Physical Therapy
For larger employers, we offer the convenience of on-site physical therapy to help combat your work injuries. Our comprehensive industrial services allow us to aggressively treat and manage your work injuries while on-site. Benefits include a decrease in fraudulent claims, costly surgical interventions, and overall workers’ compensation costs. In addition, you’ll notice an increase in patient compliance, an increase in worker productivity, and improved functional outcomes.