Located North of the Palm Beach Harley-Davidson, ApexNetwork Physical Therapy is the leading choice for individualized physical therapy in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Known for remarkable results and a cozy feeling. The positive and encouraging team at ApexNetwork strives to develop a customized treatment plan to reduce pain, improve mobility and reduce future injuries. Call today to book an appointment!


Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy, Hand Therapy, Industrial RehabBalance Rehab, Sports Rehab, Lymphedema Care, Certified Strenght and Conditioning Specialist, iTPA Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS)

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500 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 200
West Palm Beach, FL 33407


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“WOW! THIS PLACE DESERVES 10 STARS!! I woke up with wry neck, my head was tilted, neck not moving and my right shoulder was much higher than my left. Lots of pain. I called in a few clinics and everybody was fully booked for the day. I called Apex and explained what happened to me and they were able to book me in the same day! What a service! Very friendly front door staff. I was impressed with the professionalism of the doctor. After 1hr of therapy I was able to move my neck, my shoulders became straight and most of the pain went away. Thank you taking such a good care of me! Highly recommend this physical therapy clinic!!”

Anastasia F.

“What a FANTASTIC facility this place is! The amount of relief I feel after a few sessions is MORE than I would have ever expected. Falling in the shower is an embarrassing moment for anyone, but I did not realize the after-effects will lead to the amount of pain I felt throughout the year. The pain would shoot down my leg simply from standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. I would have aching lower back pain. The sharp pains made me feel like my actions had to be cautious and the time frame for physical activity was limited. At my age, that shouldn’t even be a thought, so I was worried that I damaged more than a bruise on my thigh. I couldn’t figure out why it was so bad. I needed to look for help and get some answers. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy really shined a light on this issue within a few visits. Dr. Brian Olmstead not only pinpoints the source of the pain quickly but also puts the ample about of effort to relieve the muscles causing it. He explains everything that he is doing and the why behind it. I have learned more about my condition, and I am able to prevent the pain from coming as frequently. If Dr. Olmstead is busy, his team is quick to assist without hesitation. I truly feel like they want to see their patients change for the better.”

Rachaelle D.

“I love this place! They make you feel like family here. I came in with a torn glute muscle and extreme pain in the left hip and knee. They did not just treat me and put a bandaid on my condition. They educated me about my injury and showed me things I could do to make it stronger. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has an injury or is in pain and wants to know how to correct their condition.”

Wendy H.

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