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What People Are Saying About Us

  • ApexNetwork has been an amazing partner to Buena High School Sports Medicine and key to providing relevant work-based learning for our students. I have been a customer and a community partner and appreciate ApexNetwork more than words can say! Congratulations on the location. I am confident business will be booming!
    Kristen Hale
    Buena High School
  • What a great place to be taken care of! So friendly and professional in all aspects of my service. The therapy was planned for my needs and allowed great progress on my part. Andy and Nicole guided me where I need to be in each therapy session and made sure I went beyond where I thought I could go. ApexNetwork is top notch in all aspects of physical therapy!
    David Hrach (Sierra Vista, AZ)
  • ApexNetwork made the recovery process doable. Top notch therapists and pleasant, professional staff who care about the individual. They are #1 in my book. I would recommend them to anyone who asks. Kudos to Andy and Derrick.
    Delphine Thun (Sierra Vista, AZ)
  • I sincerely appreciate all the help Andy and his team have given me. They are exceptionally professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. With the guidance and help of ApexNetwork, I gained significant range of motion and a greater ability to use my shoulder. My level of shoulder pain has been reduced to almost zero since coming to them.
    James B. (Sierra Vista, AZ)
  • I would like to say that the staff are in the Maryville clinic are all really nice. I am very happy and comfortable with my treatment. They have a very beautiful clinic.
    Samuel Ottwell (Maryville)
  • The entire staff at the Glen Carbon/Edwardsville Apex clinic is awesome! I was very nervous after being unable to move my shoulder for six weeks following my surgery but the PTs/PTAs have done nothing but encourage me. I am pushed each week and can feel myself getting back to normal! Thank you all so much for helping me as far as I have come in the last two months!
    Taylor Clark (Maryville)
  • The therapists took me from my cane to my feet. All of the staff were goal/mission oriented. They wanted me to recover. I can feel and move my toes. Thank you for a fantastic job.
    Timothy J. Darr (Belleville)
  • This is the best physical therapy I have gotten anywhere and I have had LOTS of physical therapy over the last 10-15 years!
    Donna Schmitz (Frontenac)
  • I commend Emily, PT and the whole staff for their professionalism, ability to explain various procedures and to bring satisfaction and healing. Emily, at times, seems to work miracles. If future therapy is needed, I have no doubt I will return.
    Rev. Paul E. Gins O.S.M. (Frontenac)
  • My leg is getting stronger and stronger each day. My entire body feels better; I no longer need my cane to walk. Zach(My therapist) has truly changed my life for the better. He worked wonders for me and I am so grateful to him for giving me my life back.
    Flora Jackson (Springfield)
  • I'd like to express my gratitude for the exceptional physical therapy services rendered by ApexNetwork Physical Therapy. After a severe injury to my calf, I was skeptical if I'd ever get back to good; and after only 9 sessions, I made a full recovery!
    Sara Harper (Belleville West)
  • Excellent location with freeway access! Scheduling was very accommodating. Thanks so much for putting me back together!
  • This is the best physical therapy I have every gotten anywhere and I have had lots of PT over the last 10-15 years!
  • All of the staff were goal/mission oriented. They wanted me to recover. It was a great experience. The therapists took me from my cane to my feet. I can feel and move my toes. Thank you for a fantastic job.

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