Physical Therapy


A Network of Opportunities: Empowering Corporate Success with ApexNetwork


This is all we do, and we know the business intimately. ApexNetwork offers the full spectrum of both outpatient and inpatient therapy services: specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, workers’ compensation and industrial rehabilitation.

Our expertise in the industry allows you to focus more on other aspects of your system. ApexNetwork will introduce a new method of doing things within your therapy department, bringing a higher level of efficiency and profitability to the table. We can help grow your customer base and maximize your clinic’s potential with fully integrated operations and business plan, customized to fit your needs.


Rural Health Centers

Primary Care Practices

Orthopedic Practices

We allow you to focus on the most important part of your Rehab Department: YOUR PATIENTS.

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, we all strive for exceptional results; success is a healthy bottom line but, more importantly, the ability to give patients the highest level of care available

Greenville Regional Hospital

By implementing our proven business model and delivery system, we have been able to help the hospital improve their revenue and profitability. We have implemented best practice strategies and continue to monitor key performance indicators including new weekly evaluations, total visits and the total number of administered procedure codes.

41% Increase in weekly visits

45% Increase in new evaluations


What We Bring To the Table

We have the opening, operation, and promotion of a rehab clinic down to a science. The success of ApexNetwork Physical Therapy clinics has been proven time and time again. The perfect mix of quality staff, outstanding facilities, and positive patient experiences lead to satisfied referral sources who will continue to send patients your way.


Proven success in surpassing expectations within medical center management contracts.

  • Increased revenues and profitability

  • Improved patient compliance through our scheduling best practices

  • Electronic medical records practice management system

  • Key performance indicator parameters

  • Develop and implement new product lines

  • Decrease operational expenses

  • Vendor relationships—significant cost savings


Established Clinical, Documentation and Communication Protocols and Systems

  • Quality assurance measures

  • Ongoing clinical medicare compliance audits

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Established EMR

  • Ability to attract high-quality therapists


Expertise and proven ability to develop and grow physical therapy markets

  • Clinic expansion opportunities into new nearby markets

  • Relationship building guidance for improved therapist/physician relationships

  • Ability to drive additional business through existing relationships with industries, nurse case managers, and physicians

  • In-house graphic design team

  • Access to branded promotional items through our online store

  • National internet/social marketing presence

  • Event planning expertise

Billing + Collections

Insuring your revenue cycle is in top preforming condition

  • Billing and collection services handled by experienced professionals

  • Maximize reimbursement

  • Physical therapists and facility credentialing

  • Medicare and HIPAA compliance guidance and regulation updates

  • Assistance with contract/rate negotiations

Employee Management

Creating and cultivating a work environment that attracts and retains top talent

  • State/Federal compliant policy and procedure manuals

  • Established clinical and administrative training systems and protocols

  • Web-based human resources management systems

  • Access to payroll, retirement, and employment benefits partners

  • Proactive recruiting, training, and management of expert clinicians


The patient experience is of utmost importance at ApexNetwork. We strive to create a high end, comfortable atmosphere to make the most of patients’ continued visits for treatment. In partnering with us, you can expect to achieve a similar look and feel to your space as we develop and transition the space to best suit the healing process.

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