hand therapyHand Therapy

Hand therapy may be needed to assist with wound care, early range of motion, strengthening and restoring functional use of the limb, and to control swelling.

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy®, our experienced, certified hand therapists understand the importance of your hands and the relevance of the role that they play in your everyday life. Our hand therapy services include the following:  Is there more to this part? It just ended

For more information on hand therapy, please contact us at (877) 224-4354.

Certified Hand Therapy

Our Certified Hand Therapists have passed a specialty examination certifying their knowledge of all areas of hand therapy (upper extremity rehab). They maintain their credentials through continued participation and education in hand therapy. At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy®, our certified hand therapists can offer:

  • Accurate assessments of your condition
  • Effective treatment to reduce time spent in therapy
  • Focused treatment eliminating the need to see multiple medical providers
  • Faster recovery ensuring a faster return to work and lifestyle

This service is currently only offered at our Belleville East (IL), Collinsville (IL), Granite City (IL), Maryville (IL), Ballwin (MO) locations.