Aquatic therapy is a low or no-impact therapy provided in water. The use of water permits more comfortable movements as it supports the body, reduces joint stress, and provides resistance and assistance in a unique manner. It is a customized water program designed and monitored by a qualified professional. It is beneficial in jump-starting a therapeutic plan of care for individuals who may not tolerate a land-based program initially.

Aquatic therapy can assist with:

• Low back pain
• Arthritis
• Rehabilitation following surgery
• Chronic pain including fibromyalgia
• Neck, shoulder, arms, lower back, knee, and ankle or foot injuries
• Obesity
• Neurological conditions

What you can expect from Aquatic therapy:

• Faster rehabilitation rate
• Reduction of stress on joints
• Decreased swelling
• Increased circulation, range of motion, and flexibility
• Improved balance, coordination, and posture
• Improved muscle tone, strength, and endurance

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy has several locations that provide aquatic therapy under the supervision of a qualified therapist. These locations include Belleville East (IL), Columbia (IL), Highland (IL), Lake St. Louis/Dardene Prairie (MO), and Luray (VA). Our heated pools provide a warm and relaxing environment for added therapeutic benefit.

For more information on aquatic therapy, please contact us at (877) 224-4354.

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