Empower Your Physical Therapy Journey with ApexNetwork: No Prescription Required!

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, we put you in control of your healthcare. You no longer need a prescription or referral from a physician to access our specialized services. With Direct Access, you can directly visit our physical therapy clinics, choosing the one that aligns with your treatment and resource preferences.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy and Direct Access provide you with the freedom to select your preferred clinic while potentially saving you money. By eliminating the need for a referral or prescription from your primary care doctor, you can cut out co-pay expenses. Moreover, initiating your treatment directly with our expert therapists means a faster start to your healing journey.

With ApexNetwork Physical Therapy and Direct Access, the decision-making authority regarding your health and physical therapy needs is firmly in your hands. Remember, you can now choose any physical therapist at ApexNetwork to see, without the need for a prescription or referral.