Sports Rehabilitation is therapy specific to sports-related injuries. At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, our Physical Therapists have extensive orthopedic backgrounds and are experienced in working with a variety of athletes, including those at the collegiate and professional levels. They know exactly what to do to give you relief and guide you to a quick recovery. We also have certified athletic trainers on staff to help with many other aspects including injury prevention education, developing stretching programs, and assisting with sport and team-specific conditioning and training. Whether you need help recovering from an overhead throwing injury or you want to improve your speed and agility following a knee injury, the sports rehabilitation therapists at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy have you covered. For more information on sports rehabilitation, please contact us at (877) 224-4354.

CONcussion management

For individuals recovering from a concussion, we offer treatment plans that are designed to help with common side effects. The most common side effects from a concussion include headaches, neck pain, dizziness and balance problems. In addition to therapy, rest is necessary, followed by a gradual return to previous activities to achieve a full recovery of normal brain function. Learn More

pre-injury testing

For athletes, baseline information is collected regarding balance function using various tests for comparison, if needed, following a concussion. This information assists our therapists in determining when an athlete is safe to resume sports participation.

dorsavi ami

Specifically, for athlete, DorsaVi AMI (Athletic Movement Index) helps determine a patient’s injury risk level and their readiness to safely return to their sport. Our therapists apply wireless movement sensors, and the patient’s range of motion, acceleration and muscle activity is evaluated. Learn More

dorsavi running analysis

Specifically, for runners, DorsaVi Running Analysis provides valuable insights into a runner’s technique, strengths, and weaknesses. After the patient’s wireless sensors are applied, data is collected during clinical and actual running experiences. This advanced system gives our team analyzed data of motion and muscle changes while running. This will maximize a runner’s performance, and, if necessary, assist in treatment of common running conditions. Learn More

Golf Rehab

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy has therapists trained in golf performance and rehab who know how to alleviate the aches and pains related to golf. And if you just want improve your golf game, they can help with that too! Our therapists have extensive orthopedic backgrounds and are experienced in working with a wide variety of athletes, including those at the collegiate and professional levels.  Learn More

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