9 Types of Physical Therapy Explained

Physical therapy is a crucial component of any orthopedic condition’s recovery process, whether you’re facing a disorder, disability, disease, or injury. Physical therapists use a variety of techniques and methods to help patients get better. Here are nine types of physical therapy that you may find useful for your orthopedic recovery. 


Exercise is a crucial component of physical therapy. Physical therapy exercise allows you to apply the right amount of physical stress on your body to help strengthen it. Exercise done the right way strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues in the body. It also increases range of motion and flexibility so the body can take on more stress and move as freely as possible. Unlike regular exercise, physical therapy exercise keeps your condition in mind and caters exercise routines around it.

Physical therapists are a great resource to help you recover after an injury or surgery, because they’re trained to guide you on the right types of exercises and the proper form, to gradually strengthen you without the risk of additional injury.


Sports Rehabilitation is therapy specific to sports-related injuries. At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, our Physical Therapists have extensive orthopedic backgrounds and are experienced in working with a variety of athletes, including those at the collegiate and professional levels. They know exactly what to do to give you relief and guide you to a quick recovery. We also have certified athletic trainers on staff to help with many other aspects including injury prevention education, developing stretching programs, and assisting with sport and team-specific conditioning and training.


Manual therapy involves methods like massaging, stretching movements, and strengthening exercises to help improve functionality of the area needing healing. Physical therapists may use hands-on methods to manipulate the body in these ways.


Hand therapy may be needed to assist with wound care, early range of motion, strengthening and restoring functional use of the limb, and to control swelling. At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, our experienced, certified hand therapists understand the importance of your hands and the relevance of the role that they play in your everyday life.


At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy we have a therapy program that takes a unique approach to workers’ compensation claims. Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention (ACOMP) is an industrial-strength program built to meet the needs of the workplace. With ACOMP, we address everything from prevention to injury resolution.


Individuals having problems related to dizziness and balance will likely benefit from Balance Therapy. Treatments may involve manual therapy and exercise-based therapy to help improve the vestibular balance system, while other exercises may be needed to improve balance control and reduce the risk of falling.


Aquatic therapy is a low or no-impact therapy provided in water. The use of water permits more comfortable movements as it supports the body, reduces joint stress, and provides resistance and assistance in a unique manner. It is a customized water program designed and monitored by a qualified professional. It is beneficial in jump-starting a therapeutic plan of care for individuals who may not tolerate a land-based program initially.


Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on restoring function and increasing independence with activities of daily living. When simple movements, such as picking up your glasses or making a pot of coffee, cause excruciating pain in your hands, wrists, or elbows, OT can help.


ApexNetwork Physical Therapists have specialty certifications in specific treatments to make your journey to healing the best that it can be. They include, Blood Flow Restriction, Dorsavi Ami, Dorsavi Running Analysis, Dry Needling, Gold Rehab, Lymphedema Care, Pelvic Health, Speech Therapy and Women’s Health.

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