On behalf of Veterans in the Benson/Sierra Vista area, I would like to take a moment to ask you to please take notice of a remarkable employee of Apex Physical Therapy in Benson, AZ. Her name is Jaqi Bell, and several discussions I have had with other Veterans have made clear that Ms. Bell is a notable example of an outstanding PTA who is not only a dedicated team player but an above-board professional health care provider who gives 110 percent of her service to provide the best quality physical therapy to her patients, even in this time of great adversity.

Her friendly attitude towards all patients as well as the entire staff helps to greatly enhance the working atmosphere of the entire treatment facility. Her knowledge base is very impressive, and provides her great insight into providing a high degree of expertise for each patient, regardless of their age, gender, ailment, or degree of injury. She reads each encounter quickly allowing her to provide the best treatment that will bring about accurate and tong term results.
In addition, Ms. Bell’s bike riding expertise as an avid mountain bike enthusiast in support of the shop’s team greatly enhances Apex’s standing in the Benson and Sierra Vista area. She indeed helps make the entire team shine! She indeed deserves recognition from Corporate for doing her part to make Apex Network Physical Therapy shine as an entity! Thank you.

—Michael C. Crane
SFC, United States Army, Retired.