Airline Seats Getting Smaller, Travel Pains Getting Worse

Over the past few decades, airlines have been reducing the size of their seats (4”- 7” of leg room, 3” of seat width).  The result is that many people experience pain and discomfort during and after flights due to these cramped conditions. This can be especially problematic for people with pre-existing conditions such as back pain, sciatica, or arthritis. To combat this, it’s important to take steps to alleviate the physical stress of air travel. 

Some easy things to remember during your travel: 

  • Move before your flight. You’re about to spend hours sitting in a small metal chair with outdated cushions. Make sure you get up and walk around your terminal before you board. 
  • Stretch. There are many stretches that your physical therapist can show you to address your specific concerns. Stretching before and during your flight will help prevent aches and pains after travel.  
  • Find supportive positions. Use small pillows and other ergonomic devices to ensure your body is in the best supportive position possible. 
  • Promote circulation. Doing small simple exercises in your seat or in the aisle of the plane is a good way to keep blood circulating to prevent leg and back pain. 

Whether your travels are for work or leisure these are just a few tips that can prepare you for any upcoming flights no matter your destination point! If you have any specific questions or concerns, our licensed Physical Therapists would be happy to meet with you! Call (877) 224-4354 to set up an appointment today!