Kyle Winters, PT of the ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Columbia, IL, attended a course on the McKenzie method in Chicago, IL. In this course, Kyle went through the evaluation process of the McKenzie method when treating the cervical and thoracic spine. By evaluating a patient with repetitive movements of the spine, a physical therapist can determine if their problem is mechanical, and the patient would benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists are constantly reevaluating baseline responses to specific movements to see if they need to continue the current force progression, increase the current force progression, or decrease the current force progression. The McKenzie Method is an incredible system that has been shown to relieve all patient symptoms and functional deficits in 80% of patients who have demonstrated mechanical injuries. It is based on the empowerment of the patient to self-treat themselves so that they can prevent future injury. Therapists who implement this method have been shown to be a much more cost-effective option than standard medical care of prescription medication and imaging services. This method also has shown to be just as reliable as diagnosing the area of the problem as an MRI. Kyle has already implemented these strategies with his lumbar patients with great success, and he looks forward to doing the same with his current and future cervical and thoracic patients.