By Guest Writer
Claire Wentz

Are you looking for ways to improve your health and well-being in the face of COVID-19? Also looking for ways to boost your budget? Well then you are in luck! Because while protecting yourself from COVID-19 should be a top priority right now, you also need to protect your physical and mental health. These budget-friendly tips and tricks can help you do so.

Engage In Telehealth

Managing your mental health is important, but so too is taking care of your physical health. Stay connected with your wellness team by utilizing telehealth options until you feel safe and secure in your provider’s office. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy offers physical therapy visits via video, and the team can confirm your insurance coverage before the appointment.

If you want to look and feel better in lockdown, you should start by taking better care of your health using the free and low-cost tips above. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and make more time for mental health during this stressful time, but also know when to relax with self-care. Then you should be able to thrive and feel your best, even in this time of crisis.

Shop Online for Self-Care Essentials

In times of stress, including a global pandemic, finding ways to alleviate stress becomes even more important for protecting your physical and mental health. So if you need to pick up a few things to incorporate more self-care into your lockdown routine, you shouldn’t feel guilty, especially when you can use savvy savings tips to score discounts on self-care products from trusted retailers like Bath and Body Works. Sites like Rakuten make it really easy to find the latest coupons, offers, and cashback deals from Bath & Body Works so that you can stock up on lotions, bath products, and hand sanitizers without going over budget. You can also DIY self-care products to treat yourself to some regular stress relief.

Use Pantry Staples to Prep Healthy Meals

Also think about using those low-cost canned and packaged foods to whip up some healthy treats you can eat. You can create tons of healthy dishes using basics that you very likely already have in your pantry, which can save you from the added time and hassle of grocery shopping. Wondering what to make? Pull out some beans and combine them with a few spices to create healthy soups, or toss some inexpensive rice into a skillet for a one-dish dinner your entire family will love.

Want even more options for preparing healthy meals fast for your family? Then you should think about picking up an instant pot! There are so many healthy instant pot recipes online, and you can also search online for savings on appliances.

Work Out at Home With Online Fitness Classes

Not being able to get to the gym or yoga studio can be a real bummer. With so many Americans stuck at home, gyms and fitness studios across the country are providing free exercise classes to help folks in self-isolation stay in shape without leaving the safety of their homes. From yoga to crossfit to Pilates, this means that there are endless ways for you to stay physically active while you are in lockdown. You can also order some budget-friendly home gym equipment to keep yourself motivated to get moving more. Visit our fitness center website for more information.

Manage Mental Health With Free Online Tools

Practicing self-care, eating healthy foods, and getting enough exercise can all boost the way you look and feel while you are sheltering in place. Still, with so much added anxiety and stress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourself in need of extra support to properly manage your emotions and mental health.

Before you begin to feel overwhelmed by mental health and money concerns, search for low-cost online resources that will provide that added support you need to cope with any extra stress or anxiety. These resources can include anything from virtual check-ins with therapists to free self-care apps. Speaking of self-care apps, you may also want to think about downloading a meditation app to ease COVID-19 anxiety.