By Claire Wentz

When it comes to maintaining a senior wellness program, technology can be a great asset. To make the most of technology, you should first know what it takes to keep you healthy. Let’s take a closer look at your health needs and then dive into how technology can help.


Know Your Health Needs


According to Medicine Net, older adults can expect to experience a range of changes in their skin, eyes, bones, joints, and nails. These changes can increase your risks for injuries from falls and a weakened immune system. Many seniors also grapple with chronic diseases like thyroid dysfunction and heart disease. You can battle the effects of aging by staying physically active, getting restful sleep and maintaining a healthy diet.


Get on Top of Medicare Enrollment


The current Medicare Open Enrollment period runs from October 15th to December 7th, so it’s time for you to determine if your plan still fits. It helps to know what each part of Medicare addresses. For example, Part B focuses on things like doctor’s visits and medical equipment, while Part D deals with prescription drug costs. Talk to your doctor about any changes in your health that would warrant a new health plan. When choosing a plan, the online Plan Finder tool is an excellent resource for simplifying the complicated process. The format has changed so read’s tips on easy navigation.


Since there are a number of things you have to keep an eye on when it comes to your health, consider using the following technological tools and devices to help you out:


Helpful Wellness Devices


For wearable technology, seniors have many options. Fitness trackers will let you set fitness goals and provide important details like how far you’ve traveled, the calories you’ve burned and exercise duration. Some of them track your heart rate and how well you sleep. Wellness monitors can also keep track of heart rate and sleep patterns, but some of them will go even further to include fall detection and an emergency button.


Tech Tools for an Active Lifestyle


For the smartphone savvy senior, Senior Lifestyle lists mobile apps that you can use to enhance your routine. Some apps are dedicated to brain stimulation activities, while others keep you socially active. You can also use apps to help you stay physically active. Some apps will provide the programs, while others will guide your workout with existing equipment. Whether you have a smartphone or not, you can use a streaming device to access exercise apps and channels as well. Features vary among all streaming devices, so it’s important to review different models to find the right one for your preferences and budget.


Your health is important, so don’t miss out on these great technological tools that can make a difference in your wellness program. Be sure to shop around for the ones that are the best fit for your particular situation.