Industrial rehab


At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy we have a therapy program that takes a unique approach to workers’ compensation claims. Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention (ACOMP) is an industrial-strength program built to meet the needs of the workplace. With ACOMP, we address everything from prevention to injury resolution.

Our facilities have warehouse environments, allowing for unlimited job simulations and work-specific tasks. If a worker’s job requires him or her to handle truck tires, push or pull pallet jacks, or shovel rocks, we can simulate the exact task at hand.

For more information on industrial rehabilitation, please contact us at (877) 224-4354.


This is the initial step in returning to work. The work conditioning programs we provide at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy are designed to increase strength and improve an individual’s physical condition. Sessions can last 1-4 hours a day and as often as 2-3 days a week.


This program goes one step further than conditioning by using a specific progression of work-related tasks to improve functional capabilities. The individual is taken through a series of progressively more demanding work-related activities, with the goal of returning to full duty. Sessions can last 4-8 hours a day and as often as 3-5 days a week.

Pre-Employment Testing

Our pre-employment testing services use ADA-compliant protocols to assure a worker can perform the essential job functions of a given occupation. If the worker has pre-existing conditions or is not fit to appropriately perform the work required of the job, the employer will be notified. These tests can reduce both fraudulent claims and the frequency of workplace injuries.


All of the consultation services we provide are part of our ACOMP (Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention) therapy program that takes a unique approach to workers’ compensation claims. Learn More

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