Benefits of Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement. Physical therapists, and the licensed physical therapist assistants (PTAs) provide care across every lifespan with any ability. Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy: Maximize Your Movement Physical therapists can identify, diagnose, and treat […]

How Can a Physical Therapist Help?

Recent research has shown that physical therapy is a better treatment than surgery or pain medication (such as opioid medication) for relieving many cases of neck pain. Physical therapy treatments often can help people avoid the need for surgery or medication altogether. Your physical therapist will work with you to design a specific treatment program […]

Physical Therapy Guide to Neck Pain

Neck pain is pain felt in the back of the neck – the upper spine area, just below the head. When certain nerves are affected, the pain can extend beyond the back of the neck to areas such as the upper back, shoulder, and arm. It is estimated that neck pain affects approximately 30% of […]

Tips for Safe Fall Hiking

This time of year is filled with sun drenched days and warming weather, combined with daylight lingering into the evening hours is known as the “golden” season of hiking! Before you trot off on the trail, ensure you have the proper knowledge and injury prevention tips necessary to enjoy the golden days ahead. Hydration Make […]

Diagnosis of Your Foot Pain

Although most people tend to avoid receiving a diagnosis in fear of having to undergo an operation.  However, our physical therapists will make it their top priority to ensure better functionality of your impacted area where such invasive procedures can be avoided. When seeing on of our ApexNetwork physical therapists, they will perform a number of tests to correctly diagnose the cause […]