what is causing my neck pain?

Neck pain is comprised of more than just the occasional stiffness we wake up with from time to time. Some neck pain can be relentless, leaving us with sleepless nights, miserable days and hours of hoping hot/cold compresses will provide some relief. Whether the cause is from inflammation, injury or simply sleeping in a crooked position, individuals with neck pain come to us for reliable, clinical relief. It may be time to come see us if you are experiencing any of the following with your neck pain:
• Decreased ability to move your head
• Dull aching with head or neck movement
• Numbness or tingling
• Pain that radiates to your head or face
• Persistent pain that lingers
• Sharp / burning pain(s)

When you suffer from neck pain, you may notice that soon your head starts to hurt, then your face, and before you know it, you’re taking a sick day because you just feel awful. This type of pain can be due to any number of reasons that include but are not limited to the following:
• Disc complications; Compressed and herniated
• Poor posture
• Spinal narrowing
• Whiplash

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, we want to get you feeling like yourself again.

If there’s one thing our therapists know, it’s pain in the neck. We also know how to make it go away. Different injuries require different responses, which is why our treatment approach is personalized. Our experienced therapists create treatment plans customized for you, based on your unique situation, your symptoms and the goals we set as a team.

The therapy and rehabilitative services/exercises we provide will help improve your condition while reducing your pain. We practice with a hands-on approach that plays a significant role in your recovery process. Our philosophy is to be the best in rehabilitation so you can get better, faster.

Remember, with Direct Access, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor. Simply call one of our physical therapy clinics today to make an appointment.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, convenient and flexible. We’ll schedule you fast, sometimes the same or next day, but always within 24 to 48 hours of requesting your first appointment.